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  • Perm Recruitment

    Perm Recruitment

    Eugenix provides Permanent Recruitment Solutions to companies across all verticals for different domains that include Education, BFSI, Manufacturing, Hospitality, IT / ITES, BPO, Real Estate, etc.

    Our placement services are designed to fulfill the requirements for both job seekers and hiring companies efficiently. For effective results, we have a team of experienced professionals who wisely shortlist the eligible candidates for the desired job profile.

  • Staffing Solutions

    Staffing Solutions

    Eugenix has been highly regarded for expertise and innovation in the staffing industry. Today, Eugenix is one of the most respected and technologically advanced companies. As market turns increasingly global, so do the human resources challenges. It has been our mission to keep up with these challenges, define and solve specific staffing needs, whereby allowing companies the time and freedom to remain focused on their core business.

    Our goal is to be our client’s first choice for all their staffing needs. Through our superior service and integrated business Solutions, we offer complete spectra of staffing options.

  • Training Development

    Training & Development

    Our effectual corporate training services and corporate management training can shape run-of-the-mill manpower into adept professionals. We are famed for makeovers of human resource into highly operative teams. Our training helps bring in shape the thought process & application for the league of people at work,enabling them to together contribute towards the company’s success invariably.

  • Employee Verification

    Employee Verification

    Many employers discover rather late, that they have hired a critical resource with significant discrepancies in their resumes like fake education degrees, tampered salary slip,fictitious experience certificates or one with past criminal records.

    Our verifications practice helps organizations in conducting background checks of prospective employees which can assist in taking the right hiring decision. We provide a complete range of pre-employment screening services in a flexible, time and cost effective manner.

  • HR Consultancy

    HR Consultancy

    Eugenix is an HR Consulting firm providing a wide range of recruitment and selection services to diverse companies. The foundation of our services lies on the pursuit to create the best HR practices that will uniquely support our client's success.

    Our team of expert consultants is dedicated towards leveraging the business potential of our clients by offering strategic HR services.

  • Payroll Services

    Payroll Services

    Eugenix can provide full-fledged Payroll Services. Payroll Management is a task that demands accuracy and complete focus. We have a team of experienced personnel who can do Payroll processing, assist in statutory compliances for payroll services, assist in individual tax issues and look into employee payroll matters.

    Our Payroll Services can be individually tailored to suit your organizational requirements. We are ready to help you out in doing this cumbersome and precision work.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    We provide customized outsourcing Solutions beyond time and geographies to manage the human resource operations of our clients. In this service bracket, our in-bound team takes responsibilities of entire HR operations of our client such as resume management, screening candidates,interview scheduling, on-boarding facilities etc.

    Being industry insiders, we understand the functioning and culture of the corporate arena; giving us a leverage to support in recruiting and assessing the right kinds of candidatures.

Eugenix Staffing Solutions

Temporary Staffing

Eugenix employs a unique matching algorithm that uses Natural Language Processing based machine learning framework. This unique matching process ensures that the best and the most suitable candidates are searched for quickly, ensuring agility and efficiency in the talent acquisition process.

Permanent Recruitment

Eugenix matches the context of the employer with that of the potential candidate, at the same time ensuring a higher retention rate. This is integral to Eugenix’s recruitment methodology ensuring the right candidate is identified in minimal time.

Contract Administration

Our service delivery is built to establish a sustainable and lasting relationship with both candidates and client organizations. This is at the core of our service.

Payroll Administration

Our consultants collaborate deeply with the clients to understand not only the stated needs but also their latent needs. Eugenix’s focus on co-creation ensures seamless communication and stronger employer branding to deliver unrivalled value to its clients and candidates.





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