About Us

Eugenix staffing Solutions is a Trusted HR Partner providing Established corporations with the professional talent needed to fill gaps & achieve goals.

Our expert team continue to deliver skills & cultural matches that has built our reputation & expanded Our regional footprints.

We offer ongoing employment opportunities in office professional, perm recruitment.

Eugenix staffing Solutions comes to the table with a veriaty of skills and experiences for small and large clients, major and minor major and minor markets and candidates of every level our commitment remains the same.

Our consultant work with HR professionals and candidates alive to make hiring and finding a job earlier. we are experts in helping people find the right jobs and helping employers find the right people.

we generate opportunities for people to exceed their own expectations and advance careers companies and communities.

Today, we service most major industries and have placed exceptional people in hundreds of thousands of roles and positions. Everything we do is grounded in our guilding principals to build and nurture quality relationship that allows us to place quality people in quality jobs.

Our exclusive research & insights provide an indepth look at issues of particular importance to Hiring managers,Job seakers & working professionals.